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Build Powerful Discord Bots using aoi.js

The most advanced string-based package to create a Discord Bot fast and powerful
The newest aoi.js version 6.8.0 is available! Read the Changelogs


While keeping things simple, aoi.js also allows you to customize and extend its capabilities. You can create your own commands and events tailored to your project’s requirements.


The package comes with comprehensive documentation that’s helpful for both beginners and experienced developers. Plus, there’s a community of users who can assist if you run into any issues.

Create your own

Terminal window
# create a new discord bot
npx @aoijs/aoi.cli create

Our step to step guide has you covered. Get started with aoi.js and create your very own Discord Bot.

Pre-built Functions

aoi.js comes with over 675 pre-built functions that empower you to create dynamic and interactive Discord bots with ease. These functions provide a wide range of functionalities to enhance your bot’s capabilities.

Built-in Custom Local Database

aoi.js provides a powerful custom local database, aoi.db. This database allows you to store and retrieve data with ease, making it convenient for managing and persisting bot-related information.

  • index.js your main file
  • package.json
  • Directorydatabase your database
    • Directory__aoijs_vars__
    • main_scheme_1.sql

Extensions for Added Functionality

aoi.js offers extensions like and aoi.canvas to enhance your bot’s capabilities. These extensions provide additional functionalities that you can use to create more interactive and engaging bots.