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$getAuditLogs will retrieve guild audit logs according to the given arguments.




guildIDnumberThe ID of a specific guild.true
userID?numberThe user who executed the action stated in audit logs.false
limit?numberThe maximum of audit logs it will return.false
action?numberThe action that was executed.false
format?stringThe format to return the audit logs in.false
{executor.username}Will return the username of the user who excuted the action
{executor.mention}Will mention the user who executed the action
{}Will return the user ID of the user who executed the action
{executor.tag}Will return the discriminator of the user who executed the action
{}Will return the ID of the user who was the target of the action
{action}Will return the action itself
{id}Will return the action/auditlog ID


GuildUpdate1Server settings were updatedGuild
ChannelCreate10Channel was createdChannel
ChannelUpdate11Channel settings were updatedChannel
ChannelDelete12Channel was deletedChannel
ChannelOverwriteCreate13Permission overwrite was added to a channelChannel Overwrite
ChannelOverwriteUpdate14Permission overwrite was updated for a channelChannel Overwrite
ChannelOverwriteDelete15Permission overwrite was deleted from a channelChannel Overwrite
MemberKick20Member was removed from server
MemberPrune21Members were pruned from server
MemberBanAdd22Member was banned from server
MemberBanRemove23Server ban was lifted for a member
MemberUpdate24Member was updated in serverMember
MemberRoleUpdate25Member was added or removed from a rolePartial Role
MemberMove26Member was moved to a different voice channel
MemberDisconnect27Member was disconnected from a voice channel
BotAdd28Bot user was added to server
RoleCreate30Role was createdRole
RoleUpdate31Role was editedRole
RoleDelete32Role was deletedRole
InviteCreate40Server invite was createdInvite and Invite Metadata
InviteUpdate41Server invite was updatedInvite and Invite Metadata
InviteDelete42Server invite was deletedInvite and Invite Metadata
WebhookCreate50Webhook was createdWebhook
WebhookUpdate51Webhook properties or channel were updatedWebhook
WebhookDelete52Webhook was deletedWebhook
EmojiCreate60Emoji was createdEmoji
EmojiUpdate61Emoji name was updatedEmoji
EmojiDelete62Emoji was deletedEmoji
MessageDelete72Single message was deleted
MessageBulkDelete73Multiple messages were deleted
MessagePin74Message was pinned to a channel
MessageUnPin75Message was unpinned from a channel
IntegrationCreate80App was added to serverIntegration
IntegrationUpdate81App was updated (as an example, its scopes were updated)Integration
IntegrationDelete82App was removed from serverIntegration
StageInstanceCreate83Stage instance was created (stage channel becomes live)Stage Instance
StageInstanceUpdate84Stage instance details were updatedStage Instance
StageInstanceDelete85Stage instance was deleted (stage channel no longer live)Stage Instance
StickerCreate90Sticker was createdSticker
StickerUpdate91Sticker details were updatedSticker
StickerDelete92Sticker was deletedSticker
GuildScheduledEventCreate100Event was createdGuild Scheduled Event
GuildScheduledEventUpdate101Event was updatedGuild Scheduled Event
GuildScheduledEventDelete102Event was cancelledGuild Scheduled Event
ThreadCreate110Thread was created in a channelThread
ThreadUpdate111Thread was updatedThread
ThreadDelete112Thread was deletedThread
ApplicationCommandPermissionUpdate121Permissions were updated for a commandCommand Permission
AutoModerationRuleCreate140Auto Moderation rule was createdAuto Moderation Rule
AutoModerationRuleUpdate141Auto Moderation rule was updatedAuto Moderation Rule
AutoModerationRuleDelete142Auto Moderation rule was deletedAuto Moderation Rule
AutoModerationBlockMessage143Message was blocked by Auto Moderation
AutoModerationFlagToChannel144Message was flagged by Auto Moderation
AutoModerationUserCommunicationDisabled145Member was timed out by Auto Moderation


This will return your latest bans (which are logged in audit logs):

name: "getAuditLogs",
code: `
$getAuditLogs[$guildID;$authorID;5;$authorID;12;{executor.username}: {} - {action}]