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  1. Update dependencies by running the following command:

    apt command
    apt update && apt upgrade
  2. Install node.js

    node.js installation
    pkg install nodejs-lts
  3. Install CLI

    CLI installation
    npm install -g @akarui/aoi.cli

After doing those steps, we’re ready to get started!

To create our project easily and quickly, we will use the CLI. To do this, run the following command:

Creating a project
aoijs create --dir ./aoijs

This will create a new project in the aoijs directory and install all needed packages for us, wait for it to finish.

Once the project is created, you can edit the files in the aoijs directory using your favorite text editor. You can use nano, vim, or vi to edit the files.

Editing files
cd aoijs
nano index.js

This will open the built-in text editor, nano, where you can edit the index.js file.

Add your Discord Bot token and your prefix to the file, then save it by pressing Ctrl + O, ENTER and exit by pressing Ctrl + X.

Do the same for your commands as you did with your index.js file.